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How to install the Photoshop & Illustrator Plugins & Extensions?

  1. Download the installer package (.zip) from our website.
  2. Unzip the package, find the extension installer (.zxp).
  3. Launch the Adobe Extension Manager (please make sure to open corresponding version of Adobe Extension Manager CS5, CS6 or CC).
  4. In the Adobe Extension Manager click Install Extension, and then choose the corresponding version of the Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign Extension file (.zxp) then click "Ok" or "Open".
  5. Restart Photoshop/Fireworks/Illustrator.
  6. Now go to the Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign Window Menu > Extensions and select [Software_Name], the extension panel will open.

Installation problems with Extension Manager

Please follow below steps to troubleshoot your problems:

  1. Check if you have installed multiple versions of Extension Manager.

    If you have installed multiple versions of Extension Manager on your computer, please make sure to launch the correct version of Extension Manager that matches the version of Photoshop/Illustrator when you are trying to install our software. We recommend you to manually open the Extension Manager, and browse the .zxp package to install, rather than double click the installer file.

  2. Installation Error: "You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation"

    For Windows users, you simply right-click the Adobe Extension Manager icon and select Run as Administrator.

    For Mac OS users, you need to start a terminal window, and run the following command (change Photoshop CC to your exact version of Photoshop/Illustrator):

  3. Installation Error: "The extension xxx does not contain valid signature. The extension will not be installed."

    Sometimes you may encounter this error message, then you will need to uncheck the Allow Extension Manager to access Internet option in the preferences dialog and then install it again.

How do I update my plugins to the latest version?

We are continuously working on our software and will notify you by Email once we released a new version. You can also subscribe our newsletter to receive discounts and software updates.


What are the limitations of Trial version?

The trial version of each our software is fully functional, but only allows you to run for 7 days. After expired, you are required to input a license number to continue using it.

How do I translate the interface to another language?

Each our software supports English natively and is working well with any language version of Photoshop & Illustrator. However, if you need to translate the interface to your language, that's nice, we would like to help you. Please simply drop us a line and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

How do I submit a bug or suggest a feature?

You are welcome to help us improve our software! Whenever you encountered a bug or you have an idea to improve our app, please feel free to contact us


Which license type should I choose?

We offer one license type only at the moment:

Single License

A Single License allows you to install and run the licensed software on 2 personal computers (Windows or Mac).
It does not however, permit you the right to run or install your copy of the Layerhero Software on multiple computers simultaneously by different persons.

My license number doesn’t work.

First, please make sure that you entered your license number correctly — maybe you’ve accidentally copy & pasted it with spaces or other invisible symbols. If you lost, or are unable to find your License Number in your email inbox, please contact us at your convenience.

Can I return my license and get my money back?

If you want to know more about our refund policy, please refer to our Refund Policy .

How long will I receive my license?

We usually process the order within 1 business day, so you didn't receive your license code within 1 day, please let us know.


How do I purchase your software?

We only provide Paypal purchase option at this time. But you don’t need a Paypal account to pay.

Please do NOT use a payment link from any other website to make a payment. We only provide support for customers who make purchases directly on our website.

How do I get a discount?

There are two ways to get a discount.

First, multiple licenses are available for a discounted rate, and the rate depends on the license amount. Second, if you can write a qualified software review for us, then we will consider provide you a special discount. Please contact our support for details.