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PNG Hero is a Professional Photoshop Plugin for Web Designers

PNG Hero exports your PSD layers & groups to PNG & JPEG files within few seconds, and will Compress the PNG and JPEG image loselessly & automatically, making the reduction of file size significantly (often as much as 70%).

No doubt that PNG Hero will be one of your best friends in your daily work. Scroll down to learn more.

How Can I Use PNG Hero

PNG Hero is amazingly professional - it was born for the Web Design. There's nothing new to learn, you keep working in Photoshop as usual, this plugin will do the tedious routine job for you. PNG Hero wants to keep you focus on your design only. See the main features below.

One-Click PNG Export

You select layers or layer groups, hit export button, and your assets are generated in the target folder. Tons of time saved!

Compress PNG & JPG Automatically

PNG Hero compress PNG and JPEG images automatically when you hit export button.

Batch Export Layers & Groups

Multiple layers & groups can be merged and exported as one single file, or exported as a series of individual files.

Scale to @1x & @2x Automatically!

Enable the @1x or @2x scale option will help you loselessly scaling and renaming image files automatically.

Trim Layers by Bounds

Icons, for example, may be required to keep the same size sometimes. Use this option to specify a new size to keep them neat!

Fast, Lightweight, HTML5...

Built on the top of Photoshop CC technology, and that's why this plugin only supports Photoshop CC (& 2014). The performance and user experience is the king.

Batch Export PNGs, compress & optimize PNG and JPEG images

PNG Hero love dealing with multiple layers & groups, even with nested layer groups containing hounders of layers!

In addition, PNG Hero will compress and optimize generated PNG & JPEG files automatically for you. We utilize some famous and stable libraries, including PNGQuant, Optipng & JPEGOptim to make such hard things happen.

Design for Retina

PNG Hero can automatically create @2x or @1x copy for your design work. For example, if you design a normal size of button, you simply choose Enable @2x Option when you finished your work, you will have another scaled @2x size of image in the output folder, which is compatible with Retina resolution. Please note, all the layer styles will be kept exactly as the same as the original design.

And More...

There are more cool things waiting for you! Since we are truly active on this project, we will bring more interesting improvements to PNG Hero. Hope you would like to join our happy customers!

What Our Customers Said

"I work with large sets of icons, and I found it saved me tons of time!"

Michael K. Jumbo, Web Deisgner

"loving the unique resize layer & PNG compresing features in the plugin. It is indeed helpful."

Brain Heck, Designer

"Finally I switched from another png export app to this one. Amazing extension by the way, worth every penny."

Jean Westedt, Web Designer

"I love the SVG Exporter plugin, and I love this one more, I use both of them."

Ales Dugard, Illustrator

"Would like to recommend it my friends or colleagues. Thank you for you instant support! :)"

Matt David, Visual Designer

"Just what I need, no more, no less. I used to drag my assets to ImageOptim app to compress them, however, it doesn't have a Windows version, and I found..."

Joel Teff, Visual Designer

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