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SVG Hero - Turn your PSD document or shape layers to SVG image in 10 seconds!

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The Technology

Now our plugin is ranked #1 on Google, if you are seriously working on SVG, it is your first choice. Why? This Photoshop Plugin will scan the path data from all Shape Layers, and format & filter the data, and then convert the data to SVG XML. Since it reads PSD directly, it can generate more accurate and more professional results than Adobe Generator and any other third party free/paid scripts.

SVG Hero 2.0 has been rewritten using HTML5 from the ground-up, it is faster than before! The latest version is fully compatible with Photoshop CC 2015.


Designed for the Web

Select shape layers you want, click Export button and your SVG images are ready to publish on your website. You can even use the exported SVG to create web fonts using other online apps, such as, IcoMoon.

It even allows you to batch export layers & groups, image how much time it will save you when you are working with an Icon set containing hundreds of icons...

Multiple Layer Styles Support

Most commonly used shape layer styles (see below list) in your PSD document can be rendered as SVG vector files. And we are still working on other styles.

  • Shape Stroke Fill
  • Shape Color Fill
  • Text Color Fill
  • Text Stroke Fill
  • Layer Drop Shadow
  • Layer Inner Shadow
  • Layer Color Overlay
  • Layer Gradient Overlay

  • Export Each Layer Group As a Single SVG File

    Your artwork may be very complex and contains lots of layers & groups, that’s okay, using our plugin, you can accurately control the output to meet your needs.

    Layer Export Mode: Export selected layers as individual SVG files.
    Group Export Mode: Export each group as a single SVG file. It also provides an option to filter hidden layers.

    Fast, Lightweight & Native!

    Photoshop SVG Exporter is a small Photoshop Plugin / Extension, which offers a lightweight native interface with an Export SVG button & other additional customization options.

    Whenever you want to save your UI or Web design as SVG, you will find this plugin can be a big time saver.

    Features List

    One-Click SVG Export

    Instead of switching multiple application back and forth, this plugin helps you export selected layers or groups as SVG with a simple click.

    Multiple Layer Styles Support

    Multiple layer styles, such as, Stroke, Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay are all supported.

    Layer Group Support

    You are used to place multiple layers in a group? No problem! Layer groups would be exported as one single SVG vector.

    Native Adobe Extension

    This beautiful extension lives quietly in your Photoshop workspace. Both dark & light themes are supported.

    Fast & Lightweight

    Built on the top of Adobe® Photoshop® CC technology, we are able to complete task in background quietly.

    Easy Installation

    Double click the software package or copy required files to specific location on your computer to finish installation.

    Some of Our Happy Customers

    "This plugin is a must for any modern Designer, export quickly all my shapes without needing to switch to Illustrator"

    Ibrahima Ciss, Designer & Frontend Developer

    "@LayerHeroTeam thank you for this plugin! is's perfect :)"

    Николай Беликов, Web Designer

    "I always use this plugin to publish my icons to Graphic River, and this saves me a lot of work!"

    Alan Clark, Web Designer

    "...Yes, both of two designers in our team use your software, every hour."

    Matthew Pruitt, Web Designer

    "No need to import my design to other vector software again, thank you guys!! Each one loves SVG Hero in our agency..."

    Michael K. Jumbo, Visual Designer

    "Yes, very good stuff, it worked as expected..."

    池野 瞳, Web Designer

    "Many other software, like Illustrator, can export SVG image, but I really love this plugin because I did most of my work in Photoshop."

    Dennis Anderson, Designer

    "I truly love this piece of add-on, SVG Hero saved me huge of time."

    Aida Rina, Web Designer

    "No learning curve, thank you and thank you again!"

    近藤 絵真, Web Designer

    "It's so easy to use, thank you making such an amazing plugin!"

    Brian Stevens, Designer

    "Now our icon development was boosted...Many thanks! Will recommend this app..."

    Matt Wick, Web Designer

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