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  • Share your design, instantly!

    Share your design instantly from Photoshop using our free Photoshop plugin.

    * Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher, with Photoshop CS5+

One new friend for Photoshop

No Need Switching Apps Any More

One-Click Share

One-click share via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, and more! Designers now can share their design directly within Photoshop.

Fast, Simple & Native!

This free Photoshop Plugin provides a native & clean interface, helping you simplify the deliever process and save your time.

Easy Customizable

Customize the options by specifing the image export format, your favorite Email client, and more to accurately meet your needs.

Photoshop Share Plugin

* Requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher

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Photoshop Social Share Plugin Free Mac OS Design/Productivity Photoshop CS 5+
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