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What is Font Hero?

Font Hero is a new and powerful font manager software for designers - it helps you capture and manage fonts directly in Photoshop. With Font Hero, you don't need to waste your time scrolling the long Photoshop font menu, or switching between Photoshop & other font management software any more.

How does it work?

Built on HTML 5, Node & AngularJS, Font Hero for Photoshop CC plugin runs fast and smoothly - it is an incredible useful font management app for every designer, especially for designers who spend most of their time working with Photoshop. Once you start implementing Font Hero in your design workflow, all the local fonts & cloud fonts can be classified & organized neatly. Below are some ways you can use with Font Hero.


No matter how many fonts you have on your computer, Font Hero plugin will load them into a native panel. No need to scroll the original long font menu.


Found some fonts you use frequently? Organize fonts using tags, or simply click to add to your favorites.


Just type, and the matched fonts will appear immediately.


Preview different fonts as you type. No need to scroll down the Photoshop's long font drop-down menu anymore...


Want larger font preview or different font library style? Font Hero offers several options to help you do that!


Google Fonts & Typekit Fonts will be moved into specific section - extremely convenient for Web Development.


Manage All Local Fonts Effectively

Most designers have thousands of fonts on their computer installed, even you didn't install any additional fonts, Photoshop itself shipped with hundreds of fonts. Problem is, that most of fonts are seldom used. However, you have to browse the long long font menu to find the exact font you want.

So we designed this software. Font Hero is a native Photoshop panel, just like Layers panel. It helps you find the fonts directly in Photoshop workspace, without interrupting your current work, and that is why Font Hero gets so popular these days.

Organize All Fonts with Tags & Favorites

When browsing the fonts on your computer, you can pick any font into your favorite list with a single click, or tag a font with customized labels. We also provide the tags list so that you can search among the tags.

With Font Hero for Photoshop plugin, now you don't have to use 3rd-party software to activate/deactivate fonts any more. The optimized database & UI brought you the seamless user experience.

Change Multiple Layers and Create Text Layer Quickly

How to change the font for any Text layer? Select the layer, then click the font in the font preview area. Done! Font Hero manipulates Photoshop layers at DOM level, it even supports changing multiple Text layers at a time!

Do you want to create a dozen of Text layers when you begin a new project? That's OK. We introduced the Drag & Drop support in the latest version, now you can simply drag any font you need to the canvas, and the Text layer will be created instantly for you!

Font Library Appearance Customization

Font Hero for Photoshop CC 2015/2017 plugin can do almost everything that traditional desktop font apps can do. Want to switch List View & Grid View? Yes, you can. Want to customize the preview font size? Yes, you can. Want to change the font color & the background color? Yes, you can.

In addition, this software is full compatible with Retina displays.

Live Text Quick Preview & Advanced Filter

Photoshop doesn't allow us to customize the sample preview text, however, it is quite easy to do that in our app. We predefined some sample texts, you can choose from drop down list with a single click. Or you just type in the text filed to create any sample text. The display text will be changed as you type.

In the latest release, we added Font Weight & Font Width filter support, now you are able to filter the font you need more quickly & conveniently!

Use FontAwesome and other Iconic Fonts in Photoshop!

Font Hero integrates some popular open source iconic fonts, such as, Font Awesome, Open Iconic, Typicons and Feather, now you can use these cool web fonts directly in Photoshop! Search the icon you want, then click the icon or just drag it to your cavnas, the icon will be placed into your document! We carefully rename the newly created layer with its icon name, so you will find it very convenient when you are ready to turn your deign to code.

Cloud Fonts Support, and More!

Font Hero was designed for professional designers who has a large collection of fonts to manage. There's no limit for font numbers you have. Font Hero also detects and filter all Google Fonts & Typekit fonts on your computer. From now on, you can safely use fonts in your design!

We are very active on this project, and more cool features had planed in our roadmap, if you are interested, please drop us a letter to learn details. :)

Some of Our Happy Customers

"I just want to let you know how thankful I am for Font Hero plugin. Having the ability to organize my favorite fonts saves me a lot of time. It's one of the best plugin purchases I've made!"

Chris Esty, Designer

"If you need a serious typeface tool, then this Photoshop Fonts plugin is for you."

Dave Walsh, Web Designer

"Like other guys, I have a heavy need for typography. Font Hero hit points!"

Cury Eiland, Web Designer

"I want to thank you for your quick response, and your great product. It worth every penny I spent.:)"

Matt Gille, Web Designer

"The font classification feature is amazing! I have 3000+ Photoshop fonts in my library, but it still help me find a font within 5 seconds!"

Michael K. Jumbo, Visual Designer

"Yes, very good, it runs very fast..."

Alex Meyer, Designer

"I use FontExplorer X in the past for years, but now I switched to Font Hero. Now I don't need to activate and de-activate fonts any more."

Paul White, Designer

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How to install Font Hero plugin for Photoshop CC 2015/2017?

After you have already made a purchase, you will receive an Email containing your download link. Then launch Adobe Extension Manager CC to finish the installation.

Note: Font Hero works on both Windows and Mac OS, but requires Photoshop CC 2015/2017.

I get an error from Extension Manager!

Please check if your Extension Manager application version. If the Extension Manager version is lower than 7.2.1, then you need to go to Adobe Exchange to download the latest update. After the update was installed, then try to re-install Font Hero plugin.

Can Font Hero detect all my fonts?

Font Hero can detect all fonts shown in Photoshop fonts selection menu, no matter where the fonts were installed.

Will Font Hero support Retina Displays?

Yes. This software is full compatible with Retina screen.

How do I get Font Hero updates?

We are really activate on Font Hero project and, if we release a new version, we will send you the update to the Paypal payment Email address.

I lost my download link!

Please send us your purchase email to and we will resend you your download link.

How do I purchase your software?

We only provide Paypal purchase option at this time. But you don’t need a Paypal account to pay.

What do I get purchasing a license?

A Single License allowing you to install Font Hero on two machines. Free updates & bug fixes. Instant support.

How long will I receive my license?

We usually process the order within 6 hours. If you don't receive your license code in 6 hours, please let us know.

Can I request a refund?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please tell us within 30 days and we will issue a full refund to you.

Report bugs or new features

Do not hesitate! Whenever you encountered a bug or you have an idea to improve Font Hero, please feel free to email us. We will provide you a reply within 1 business day.