Layerhero CC 2017 Pack

5 professional Photoshop plugins, only for $69. Save $52!

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Works with Photoshop CC 2015/2017, on and

Layerhero CC 2017 Pack License

$69 / 1 user

  • Up to 2 computers
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Introduce Layerhero CC 2017 Pack

This package offers 4 Photoshop plugins: Font Hero for Photoshop CC 2017, PNG Hero for Photoshop CC 2017, SVG Hero for Photoshop CC 2015, Color Wheel for Photoshop CC 2017 & Art Packer for Photoshop CC 2017. You can use this package on 2 computers at the same time. We also provide unlimited product updates & support.

What Our Customers Said

"I work with large sets of icons, and I found it saved me tons of time!"

Michael K. Jumbo, Web Deisgner

"loving the unique resize layer & PNG compresing features in the plugin. It is indeed helpful."

Brain Heck, Designer

"Finally I switched from another png export app to this one. Amazing extension by the way, worth every penny."

Jean Westedt, Web Designer

"I love the SVG Exporter plugin, and I love this one more, I use both of them."

Ales Dugard, Illustrator

"Would like to recommend it my friends or colleagues. Thank you for you instant support! :)"

Matt David, Visual Designer

"Just what I need, no more, no less. I used to drag my assets to ImageOptim app to compress them, however, it doesn't have a Windows version, and I found..."

Joel Teff, Visual Designer

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Buy our CC 2017 package to save 52 dollars in total! Limited offer.

PNG Hero

Professional Asset Exporter for Photoshop

Font Hero

Manage, capture and classify Photoshop fonts directly in Photoshop!

Photosho SVG Hero

Professional SVG Exporter Plugin for Photoshop

Art Packer

Collect fonts & links in any Photoshop document!

Photosho Color Wheel

Professional Color Wheel Plugin for Photoshop

Buy the Pack | $69

Requires Photoshop CC 2015/2017

Plus, we provide 30-Day No Question Asked Refund!