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By Mark Hanse on 11 April 2015

LayerHero Big Discount for Designers

The exciting news for designers:

This is Layerhero’s big “Black Friday Deal” and the new discount plan is available for everyone. The big promotion program includes the all products as below and the package price only costs $49, you save $38 in total!

Photoshop Font Hero

Font Hero is a new and powerful font manager software for designers - it helps you capture and manage fonts directly in Photoshop. With Font Hero, you don't need to waste your time scrolling the long Photoshop font menu, or switching between Photoshop & other font management software any more.

Photoshop PNG Exporter

PNG Hero is a Professional Photoshop Plugin for Web Designers
PNG Hero exports your PSD layers & groups to PNG & JPEG files within few seconds, and will Compress the PNG and JPEG image loselessly & automatically, making the reduction of file size significantly (often as much as 70%).
No doubt that PNG Hero will be one of your best friends in your daily work. Scroll down to learn more.

Photoshop Art Packer

Photoshop Art Packer is a Photoshop Plugin which helps you copy used fonts, collect Linked Smart Objects & create package report directly in Photoshop.

The $49 big promotion offer is set to May 01, 2015. We hope more designers could get benefits from this campaign.
If you are interest please feel free to click below button to contact our sales.

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