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By Mark Hanse on 6 August 2014

Meet PNG Hero - Photoshop PNG Assets Export Plugin

PNG Hero helps you to slice your PSD into individual PNG and JPG images, and compress /optimize PNG and JPG automatically after export. You Simply select the layers you want to export, click Export button, and PNG Hero will do the rest for you.

PNG Hero is a professional Photoshop Plugin, which is designed for Web Designers, It will save a huge of time for your daily design.

PNG Hero for Photoshop CC / CC 2014

Feature List

  1. Automatically slice PSD layers & groups
  2. Automatically Compress PNG & JPG images
  3. Automatically scale the layer to @2x size
  4. Automatically downscale the layer to @1x size
  5. Supports all types of layers & layer groups
  6. Preserve all layer styles
  7. Supports specifying new bound for exported images
  8. And more...

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