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By Mark Hanse on 7 April 2014

How To View All Fonts Used in PSD Document

Photoshop Font Detector is a free Photoshop Plugin, that helps designers collect all fonts used in any PSD document, plus with the missing fonts. It can also identify fonts from flatten image through WhatTheFont service.

How to list all fonts in PSD document

Click List All Fonts button to view all fonts used in PSD document. If you need to show the missing fonts (fonts that are not installed on your computer), please check the Show Missing Fonts (Beta) checkbox below. In addition, this feature is currently in beta and not stable enough, so there might be mistakes in results sometimes.

Select the font name in the text box below, and click search, this will help you search the selected font on (a browser window will open).

Photoshop Font Detector

How to identify fonts from within Photoshop

First, create a selection on the document, then click the Detect Font. After the image was processed successfully and uploaded to WhatTheFont website, the default web browser will be opened to display the results.

View all fonts in PSD step 1

Second, follow the instructions on WhatTheFont website to complete the necessary steps to get the maximum accuracy.

View all fonts in PSD step 2

If there are any available fonts in library that match your image, then a list of fonts will display.

If you have not installed this plugin, download the free Photoshop Font Detector plugin today! No Ads. Free forever.

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