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By Mark Hanse on 24 February 2014

Introducing Photoshop SVG Exporter Plugin

Photoshop SVG Exporter Plugin

Photoshop SVG Exporter is a Photoshop CC Extension which enables designers to export PSD to SVG image files directly in Photoshop. The output SVG file is compatible with the latest SVG 1.1 specification.


The SVG itself is a XML file, with all necessary vector data. When the extension is running, the extension will attempt to render the specified shape layer, including all supported layer styles, such as, Stroke, Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay, etc to readable vector data, and then write them to one SVG image file. In other words, the extension will try its best to translate your design in another language to get the maximum accuracy.

How to Convert PSD to SVG

The Photoshop SVG Exporter integrates into your Photoshop workspace seamlessly, this ensures that you don’t need to reply on additional software, convert your PSD document to something else, or modify the layer structures. Nothing need to change!

Photoshop SVG Exporter Extension Panel

Our extension is a standard Photoshop Extension, which can collapse, expand or close like others.

This extension supports Layer or Group export mode. The layer export mode exports selected layers as individual SVG files. However, the group export mode exports each group as a single SVG file. Moreover, Photoshop SVG Exporter plugin supports filtering hidden layers. You can choose whether to include hidden layers in the output SVG image file.

We provide a free 7-day fully functional trial version, no registration code required, no sign up required.

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