Illustrator Art Packer Plugin

Illustrator Art Packer is an Illustrator CS5/6 Plugin which helps designers collect fonts & linked images for output.

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Version 1.1. Works with Illustrator CS 5 / 6, on only.

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Collect All Fonts Used in Adobe Illustrator Document

Illustrator Art Packer can collect all fonts used in any AI document / layers from Illustrator, and export the copies of font files to the specified location.

Almost all font types, such as, TTF, OTF, TTC, DFONT, etc can be exported from your document.

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Collect Linked Images in AI Document & Relink Them

Illustrator Art Packer will collect the copies of linked images automatically into a new folder, and you don't need to care about the location of source images any more.

You can also choose whether to update the image links in the Illustrator document. Instead of touching your source document, the plugin will make a new copy to update the links.

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Save Precious Time & Avoid Chaos

Illustrator Art Packer gathers all the information when your documents are ready for archiving or to be packed up.

With this little Illustrator plugin, designers won't have to repeat the tedious tasks any more.

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Boost Your Workflow & Deliver Your Work Faster!

Illustrator Art Packer can seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow without any additional configuration, after installation, Art Packer will be ready to use immediately.

Designers work as usual, when finished their design, they simply click the package button and the fonts used, linked images & document report will be collected right away.

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Features List

Collect All Fonts Used

Illustrator Art Packer can collect all fonts used in current AI document. All font types, such as, TTF, OTF, TTC, DFONT, etc are supported.

Collect Linked Images

Illustrator Art Packer can also collect all linked images in your AI design to a specified location. Those old links can also be replaced with new ones.

Create Package Report

You can use this option to create a text report for the newly created document package.

Fast & Simple

Due to the native & familiar interface, designers don’t spend much time learning how to use our extension.

Comfortable Interface

Illustrator Art Packer provides a comfortable and flexible interface, that makes learning easier.

Native Adobe Extension

Illustrator Art Packer is a native Illustrator extension as well as other native ones. Both dark & light UI are supported.

The Lightweight Collect for Output Solution

Available for Illustrator CS 5/6, Mac Only

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